Local SEO Services

Big Citations

A service similar to Moz Local, focus on a core set of 25 authority citations + 3 big data aggregators.

  • Base Price $38.99 (included free of charge with retainer)

Hyper-Local Citations

These are applied in month two.  Hyper-Local will help you get done the remaining citations that are possible for a business. It is recommended to start one of these packages on month two.  Citations are built at a rate of 40 per month.

  • 40 Citations ($50)
  • 80 Citations ($102)
  • 150 Citations ($180)

Rich Media Citations

Script writing, voice over, and video production wrapped into a citation and link building service.  We syndicate to 50+ video, audio, and image sites.  You’ll get links and citations from them all.  Rich Media Citations are a recommended service for month three of the plan.

  • Base Price ($96)
  • Video Upgrade ($52)

Authority Builders – Also available separate from 6 Month Local SEO Plan

Editorial contextual links on high powered media sites.  Authority building through big-name media sites is one of the best ways to propel a little-known site to the upper echelons of big web brands.

The average site we work with for this service commands a PR of 6, DA of around 60, and Alexa in the low X,XXX – XX,XXX.


To get a full idea of what kind of sites we’re working with please check out this form which lists the current options available.


We’re only able to take a handful of orders per month per site, availability varies from domain to domain.


Futhermore, we can’t offer this service to each and every site. If your site is not much more than a thin affiliate site for example, we probably can’t work with you.


However, if you have developed extensive resource pages on your site or you think your website is good quality enough to get the kind of links this service offers, then please feel free to contact us about the currently available options.

  • Class A Post ($253)
  • Class B Post ($513)
  • Class A Post ($643)

PR Marketing Machine

PR writing and syndication at a reasonable price, contact us and ask to see our PR samples.

  • PR Written For You ($49)
  • Premiums Syndication ($39)
  • TV/Radio Syndication($84)

Social Foundations

Similar to KnowEm.com, we will claim your brand real estate on 300+ social sites.  Each list has its own unique set of social sites.

  • Bare Essentials ($32)
  • Content Kings ($32)
  • Underdogs($32)
  • Big Bertha ($65)

Budget Tier 1’s

Authority posts on niche community websites, they are not PBNs.  We have a limited number of sites we can do this on and they make for very affordable permanent contextual links.

  • 3 Budget Tier 1 Posts ($76)
  • 5 Budget Tier 1 Posts ($127)
  • 10 Budget Tier1 Posts ($253)
  • 15 Budget Tier1 Posts ($377)

Indexing and Tier 2 Add Ons

2 services available on almost every service as an optional add-ons, both help with indexing and pointing link juice at your live links

  • Dripped Contextual Links ($38 – $77)
  • 6-in-1 Indexing Service ($19)
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