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Internet Marketing Consultant skilled in WordPress, HTML, Javascript, PHP, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), web development, and e-commerce. Launched first website in 1997 and in 2005 started using wordpress. Most of the sites I build are for my own marketing goals to generate and resell leads. As of 2019 I have turned my focus to building niche business directories for clients.

I am currently working on a directory project for POSUSA. The directory has Free and Paid listings utilizing the “pay to have ads removed” model. Free listings carry a form for “comparing POS systems”. When users fill out this form POSUSA receives $200 for the lead. If the owner of a listing doesn’t want the form showing up on their listing then they can upgrade and pay $499 a year. The upgrade removes the Ad, gives them a “dofollow” link to their website. The dofollow link from an authority site like POSUSA alone is worth more than that. The site also uses has a social networking section where users can build traffic to their listing via promoting content of interest to their niche.

Local directories, like the one I built for POSUSA, are a great way to pull in traffic from local searches and develop a community interested in your niche. If you would like to look into how a niche directory can grow your business, contact me for a free consultation.




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