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AC Repair Denton Tx is a highly valued search term in the Denton HVAC repair market.  The keyword overview from SpyFu shows a 9% click through rate along with 36 advertisers willing to spend $26 a click for this search term.  When a person types “ac repair denton tx” into the search engines they will encounter the sponsored ads first.  These sponsored ads take the top four spots. Next will be the google snack pack.  This is the map display which shows three business locations that google as deemed most relevant for the local search.  After that comes the organic results.

If you are not showing up in the snack pack or in the organic search results for page 1 then your only hope is to use pay per click.  If you do it correctly, pay per click on the right keywords can generate a positive ROI.  Even if you do show up in the snack pack and/or the organic listings it still pays to have a pay per click campaign.  Don’t fall for the false narrative that organic traffic is better than PPC.

Below is a report showing the top 50 for “ac repair denton tx”.  If you are not showing in the top 10 and/or not showing in the snack pack you should contact me, I can help you solve that.  I can also help you set up a profitable pay per click campaign.

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You might be asking “If I make the top placement in the google maps do I still need to do pay per click advertising?”.

Obviously if you are getting more business than you can handle from your organic listings then you would not need any additional advertising 🙂  Therefore, I answer the question above with the assumption that you could still handle more business and answer “Yes”.  Even if you have the top position in the google maps results AND the top organic position there will still be people that click on one of the first sponsored ads instead of your organic link.  Those are sales you are missing.

[pdf-embedder url=””]

[pdf-embedder url=””]

These are the best backlinks to help you rank on ac repair denton tx.  Websites that rank well on this search term do so with the help of links from these specific sites.

[pdf-embedder url=””]

I’ll close with a story of what happened the other day while contacting AC repair people who showed to have a incomplete Moz Local Sore.  I happened across one business with a website that failed googles mobile friendly test and was about 56% on Moz’s local seo score.  The owner replied to my email stating “I must be doing something right because I am so busy I am turning customers away….your next comment”.

He had me there.  I googled “ac repair denton tx” and his mobile unfriendly site with a moz local score of 56% had the number one spot in googles snack pack.  My bad, I should have checked that first. Moz Local score is really a score based on a handful of sites (I think less than 10 or so). While they are some of the best sites, it’s a very small part of a much larger ecosystem.  Therefore it is possible to not do well on the Moz local score yet still do well in Googles local search.

I emailed the guy back congratulating him and asked if he would like to sell some of those AC repair leads since I know people paying $26 a click in effort to visit their web site 🙂

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