Rafflepress Tweet Message is Not Performed By Bots

RafflePress is a WordPress plugin that allows you to run a successful giveaway on your website. Aside from creating giveaways, RafflePress has tons of features to grow your email list, website traffic, social media followers, and more. This is what makes it a super-effective lead generation tool for small businesses. On Jun 26, 2021 I […]

Religious Persecution is alive and well in America

In 2003 I started attending the Eastern Orthodox Church after a long inquiry and investigation into the early history of the church and its councils. But beyond that I was most captivated by the beauty of its liturgies, experiencing the rich and full rituals and the inspiring practice of exercising a daily rule of prayer, […]

Tillman Riewe Child Motivation Techniques

I decided to publish information about trauma from my childhood because I have no other outlet to share the experience as recommended in “9 Ways Adults Can Heal Their Childhood Trauma“. I started playing pee-wee football when I was 7 years old. After a few weeks of practice we had our first scrimmage game. The […]

How to drive away the ex

As I have mentioned in other posts, Kelly and I were divorced in 1995 while our daughter, Brittany, was 2 years old. I had normal visitations, every wed evening and every other week-end. As far as a divorced relationship could be, things were ok. In fall of 1999 Kelly met Chris Tumlinson and 2 weeks […]

Body Shop Denton Tx – Want to be in the top 3 for this search?

Currently when searching for “Body Shop Denton Tx” these are the top competitors who are getting the majority of the leads because almost half of the searches will click on one of the top three. If you are body shop in Denton Tx and would like to know why these three competitors are out ranking […]

Schrader Plumbing Local Search Visibility Report

Schrader Plumbing caught my attention when they claimed a listing on TexasPlumberNow the other day. As I read the description I noticed they focused on servicing people in the Fort Worth area from their Bedford Address.