Brain Body Connection Chiropractic Ranking Report

Local Search Is About Getting More Leads For Your Business

The spread sheet below organizes the popular search terms with the highest value keywords at the top. The values displayed are the monthly searches, value (what advertisers pay to advertise on that keyword), Google, Mobile and Maps. The Google, Mobile and Maps are the three searches tested. Google is the standard desktop search, Mobile is from a phone and Maps is using the google maps search.

For example, when users in Denton search “chiropractor near me” Brain Body Connection Chiropractic shows up as #2 on Google, #4 to mobile users and #3 for those using google maps. Research shows that 40% of the clicks will go to the #1 spot and since we are dealing with search terms that have commercial value (buyers intent) you can bet that many will click on one of the sponsored ads.

Keywords with no values recorded in the Google, Mobile or Maps columns indicate searches where Brain Body Connection Chiropractic was not found in the top 50. If you want to get more leads / customers for your business the easiest way is to get in front of those actively looking for your service.

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Looking through the searches above you can see there are over 100 searches a month that Brain Body Connection is not visible for. If you are looking to grow your business it starts here. Ranking well in Google Local Search will produce the highest ROI for your business.

If you have any questions about this report or how I can help you dominate local searches for Chiropractors in Denton, Tx. then contact me.

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