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Local Search Visibility refers to how visible a business is for customers that are trying to find the products or services provided by the business. To determine how visible a business is we first need to know what types of phrases consumers are entering when looking for that particular businesses products and services.  Knowing the relevant keywords that people in the area are using we can then run a test to see where the business shows up for each of those unique searches.  The resulting report is known as a ranking report.

C & W Plumbing is located in Lewisville, Tx and services customers there and in the surrounding towns of Highland Village, Frisco, Plano, Allen, Flower Mound, Coppell and The Colony. I used the Google Keyword Planner to gather a set of Plumber related searches that are used in those same areas.  The 32 keywords that I used for testing were chosen from a list of suggested keywords that Google provided based on C & W Plumbings website. These 32 keywords are sorted by their suggested bid value, a value that Google suggests for its pay per click advertising platform, because keywords that have higher bid values generally show to also have higher buyer intent. On keywords that C&W Plumbing has good visibility I marked bold.  Those it doesn’t I marked in red.

Lets say that someone in Lewisville, Tx was to search for “plumbing companies“.  At the time of this report the would get a results page with 4 sponsored ads at top followed by Googles “Snack Pack”, the graphical maps with the top 3.


C & W Plumbing made it to the Snack Pack in the #2 position.  Those ranking with a 4 or higher on a Local Search that triggers the Snack Pack would only be seen if the user clicks the More Places. Studies have shown that only 8% of the users will click the More Places and 46% on one of the businesses in the Snack Pack.

Here is the list of keywords used in this Ranking Report. (click here to open view in new window)

[google-drive-embed url=”” title=”Plumber C and W Plumbing Lewisville” icon=”” width=”100%” height=”250″ style=”embed”]

Ranking Report

[google-drive-embed url=”” title=”rank-checker-c–w-plumbing-2017-jun-18.pdf” icon=”” width=”100%” height=”400″ style=”embed”]

Based on this sample of keywords there are a lot of searches where C & W Plumbing is not very visible to the person performing the search. If you have the manpower to help the people making those searches then it would be lucrative to invest in some Local SEO to become visible for those searches.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me for a free consultation.

PS: Please confirm the C & W Plumbing Listing on Texas Plumber Now

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David Riewe

David Riewe

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