Deliver consistent brand content for a great brand experience.


Your brand is an asset. It’s why you’ve invested countless hours and a substantial budget to build an offline brand experience that differentiates you from the competition. Online, the experience should be the same: consistent, current, and unique.

Our Listings gives you the ability to engage customers across the diverse sites on which your brand appears, and to manage your brand content everywhere, so you ensure your online brand experience is the same regardless of city, country or language.

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From static to dramatic.

Our research found that business listings with enhanced content receive 416% more views than those without. Our Rich Listings lets you leverage your most current content to differentiate your brand from the competition and drive measurable business results.

Showcase your logo, photos, videos, business description, hours and holiday hours, menus, staff bios, product & service lists, and more than a dozen other fields alongside your basic name, address, and phone number across all the places where consumers search for you.

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Featured messages FTW.

Chances are, you’re already investing in paid search campaigns to promote the offers or specials that matter most to your business. What if you could extend the reach of those offers at no additional cost — and no cost per click?

Our clickable Featured Message turns your listings into measurable marketing opportunities. Highlight special offers, drive reservations or form fills, and more with this 50-character clickable field that appears across each of your locations’ listings. Yext never charges an additional fee for the Featured Message, and we take no cut of the revenue it generates. Featured Messages — FTW (For The Win)!

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Local social posting, globally.

Delivering relevant, curated content to consumers is critical to a harmonious brand experience. But if you’re a multi-location brand, capturing local consumers’ attention at scale can seem daunting — even impossible.

Our Social Posting lets you command your local presence from one centralized dashboard. You’ll maximize your paid social advertising with posts that contribute directly to your organic reach (at no additional cost-per-click). And with approval workflows, give local managers the power to engage online with the customers who visit their locations — while you maintain control. Now that’s something we can all ‘Like.’

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Leverage User-Generated Content.

Every day, consumers capture, geotag, and share meaningful moments on Instagram. How many of those moments occur in your locations?

With our service, understand and showcase your brand experience through your customers’ eyes. Track and share the content that customers generate from your locations and respond directly from the the listing dashboard.

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See first-hand how our Listings Management System can help you
better manage your online presence and attract more customers.

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