Force Home Services Keyword Ranking & Google My Business Report

These reports will show where Force Home Services website is showing up in response to specific search phrases entered into the search engines by users in the Denton County area. These search phrases were selected using the Google Keyword Planning Tool as it analyzed the website of Force Home Services. The keywords have been sorted by their suggested bid value because this is a good indication of the buying intent.

Google provided a little over 100 unique search phrases all relevant to AC Repair.  The report can only handle 100 keywords.  Of those 100 keywords Force Home Services only appeared in the Google Local Pack (also known as the Snack Pack) for one search phrase “air force heating and air conditioning“.

What about all the other AC Repair Searches In Denton Tx?

At the time of this report Force Home Services is buried under the “More Places” button on all the other searches.  Since less than 8% of the people click on “More Places” you could say that they are pretty much not visible to 99% of the searches verified by the Google Keyword Planner.

[google-drive-embed url=”” title=”AC Repair Force Home” icon=”” width=”100%” height=”250″ style=”embed”]

(click here to view keywords in new tab)

Local Search Ranking Report

Click the image below to open the Ranking Report into a new tab.

The ranking report will show where Force Home Services was found on each of the searches.  These searches were performed from the Denton Tx area so that the Google proximity algorithm is utilized. Once the report is open you can learn more about each metric by placing your mouse cursor over it. Clicking on the rank number will allow you to view screen shots of the results we found at the time of running the report.  While the traffic volume on the keywords is estimated by Google, the ranking results are not estimates, they are the actual results given to users when they use the search terms in this report.

Google My Business (GMB) Report

The GMB report gives us two things.  First, it will show us a snap shot of the GMB profile health. Second, it will show how the top 10 listings for 5 different search phrases along with ranking factors. Click the image and scroll down to where you see the buttons for Reviews, Duplicates, NAP Comparison, and Other Ranking Factors.

We found that there are duplicate GMB listings and that the City Name and State Name are not found in the title tag.  Correcting these will help improve local search results for this business.

Next click on the tab to the right of the Summary tab “air force heating and air conditioning” (or click the image below to open it in a new window)

air force heating and air conditioning” is the only search phrase, out of our list of 100 popular searches for AC Service in Denton County, that Force Home Services is getting good visibility on. In the remaining 99 they are buried under the More Places tab where less than 8% of users will click.

This tab along with the remaining 4 tabs show the top 10 results for each of the search terms along with their ranking metrics and a list of citations found to be used by these sites.  Citations are considered to among the most important local search ranking factors.  Focusing on cleaning up the GMB issues listed above and getting more quality citations would be a good place to start to improve on ranking and gaining more visibility.

Right now Force Home Services is buried in Google and has very poor visibility for AC Repair Searches coming from users in the Denton Tx area.  These reports are not subjective, they show the actual results of local searches for the search terms that were researched with Google Adwords Keyword Planner.

There are free Q&A work shops that we hold on Saturdays and Wed Evenings here in Denton, Tx where local businesses can learn more about improving their local search.

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