I don’t want to list my practice’s individual providers — isn’t listing my facility enough?

76% of patients seeking care online search for individual providers, compared to only 30% who look for facilities9. If you list just your facilities, you risk your individual providers not being found by an immense portion of searching patients. Listing each healthcare professional individually not only increases their chances of being found when patients are searching for care online, but helps more patients find your practice and improves their overall experience.

Our healthcare solution makes it easy to list your doctors on a network of healthcare-specific sites and beyond, so that you can not only boost your chances of being found by searching patients, but so that your patients experience the most seamless journey possible from the web to your facility and get treatment faster.

Isn’t your listings network enough? What is the point of listing my facility and providers on a network of healthcare-specific sites?

Healthcare sites are a key part of the search journey for patients seeking care. While patients do use Google, Bing and other leading sites to search for care, many consult healthcare-specific sites like Vitals®, Wellness.com, DrScore, and more10. You don’t always know where potential patients are searching, so ensuring your facility and providers appear everywhere gives you the best chance at being chosen as their provider.

Our healthcare listings solution makes it easy to list your facility and providers on a robust network of apps, maps, search engines, directories, and social networks — so that you get found no matter where your patients are searching.

Can’t I just claim my listings on these healthcare sites on my own for free?

Some sites do allow you to claim your listings for free, but these sites still have complicated manual claims processes. Claiming and managing your own listings on these sites is time consuming, not to mention, there’s never any guarantee that they’ll actually show the information you provide them. Only our solution can give you definitive and realtime control of your healthcare listings.

Some of these sites don’t allow facility listings.

More patients search for healthcare professionals than for facilities11. Some sites only list professionals because they are catering to the way their users search. This is why we recommend listing both professionals and facilities. Listing both maximizes your chances of being found by new patients, while listing just facilities leaves you at risk of missing out on new patients.

Why is your solution better?

Manual submissions require a lot of man-power and perpetual maintenance. Other vendors will try to mask their solutions as unique, when in reality, they’re making manual submissions or submitting to data aggregators. Neither of these solutions work, because without custom, direct integrations, no site is guaranteed to display the data these vendors submit. And even if the data is ingested, it is at risk of being overwritten right away due to the natural compilation process of search.

Only our technology provides a scalable and permanent business listings solution so that you’re in total control of your listings, 100% of the time. Our direct, custom integrations with the sites in our network will enable you to create and update your listings in real-time, lock them at the database level, and protect them from being overwritten. Only our solution will give you definitive control over the way your facility and physician data appears on these sites.

I only want a few of these sites.

We only offer a complete package of our full network. It’s important to keep the data about your doctors and facilities correct and consistent everywhere patients search. Plus, you’ll save the manpower you spend on manual listings and the dollars that ineffective vendors cost you.

I already advertise online.

With our solution, you won’t be adding another pay-per-click line item to your budget, but amplifying your overall media efforts. You can easily boost digital marketing campaigns using our featured message field, maximize content creation with staff bios, photos, videos….and much more. And no matter what kind of advertising you run for your practice, you can rest assured that customers will be driven to the right location — every time.

Don’t forget — patients with urgent medical needs must be able to find the correct address and phone number wherever they search for you. With our healthcare solution, you’ll control the information displayed about your practice online so that patients can find you in their moments of need.