How To Drive INSANE Traffic With Reddit!

This video showed up in side bar while watching Ecommerce SEO Top 4 Factors in my previous post, SEO Silos Yielding Lower Bounce Rate Than Stage and just had to share it.  The video titled, How To Drive INSANE Traffic With Reddit comes from youtube publisher “Lazy Ass Stoner“. For a Lazy Ass Stoner this guy has a LOT going on and his video presentations are off the chart.In this video he shows you step by step how to bring lots of traffic from Reddit.  His technique of identifying sub reddits that he can dominate much easier than the front page of Reddit resonates with the strategy of going after long-tail keywords that have lower competition.

So here is the video.  Be sure to click through on the youtube icon in the lower right and subscribe if you enjoy it.

David Riewe

David Riewe

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