How to drive away the ex

As I have mentioned in other posts, Kelly and I were divorced in 1995 while our daughter, Brittany, was 2 years old. I had normal visitations, every wed evening and every other week-end. As far as a divorced relationship could be, things were ok.

In fall of 1999 Kelly met Chris Tumlinson and 2 weeks later he moves in with her and my daughter. This was met with a lot of resistance from her parents and drama. Fortunately, that part I did not have to witness, but only heard about from my daughter.

Put yourself in the place of Kelly’s parents, my mom and myself. Kelly dates this guy for 2 weeks then lets him move in. Who would not be alarmed by this? Nobody knows anything about this guy. Kelly and Chris met at a concert, two strangers, no friends or associates in common.

But it gets even better for me….

One wed evening I dropped off Brittany at her Moms. As I was walking back to my truck Chris walks up and confronts me. He was going on and on about ground rules and how he was going to be watching me and how he loved my daughter and was going to defend her. From what? To say I felt threatened and alarmed would be an understatement. Did Kelly feed this guy a bunch of lies? Was he projecting? There had been no mistreatment of my daughter, nothing.

Chris hadn’t been around 2 weeks and was threatening me with bullshit, while we knew NOTHING about this unemployed drifter. He really came unglued when I told Kelly that I felt something was off and was going to do a background check. Chris actually told me he would file charges against me, LMAO. Wow!

Chris and Kelly started a pattern of drilling Brittany with questions after every visit. Then Chris would then call me and scream at me over the phone about various stupid topics. Mostly he was attacking me over religious views. He was always trying to paint some narrative that I was being a negligent father and should lose custody of my daughter.

On one occasion he wouldn’t let me pick up Brittany for visitation because he “found out” that she had been reading the lives of the saints while at my house. Chris and Kelly were trying to paint some narrative that I was forcing her to read these books, that my daughter actually asked for and enjoyed reading. You can learn more about that in this post

This was the plan all along by Kelly, to drive me away.

Isn’t the Law on your side?

Actually it is, I could have taken Kelly and Chris to court.

Why didn’t I take them to court?

Because I let my manipulative Mom talk me out of it. You see, my mom and Kellys parents went to the same Church. My brother-n-law also had business relations with Kellys father.

Mom was always concerned about physical appearances. Bringing attention to this situation would be too much of an embarrassment. So when Chris would refuse to let me pick up my daughter, I did nothing. When he called me on the phone and made threats, I did nothing. When attending sports events for Brittany, I watched like a spectator and had to keep a distance.

All of this was done to drive me away. That was their plan all along, to get me out of the picture. They used my daughter as a pawn and made her tell me she would did not want to come see me because she didn’t want to go to “that church” any more.

Ultimately, they succeeded… for a few years….

Chris was nothing but a projecting turd

Within a few years of this, Chris was out of the picture. I heard he was avoiding the police. Doesn’t surprise me, using AI and bigdata on this turd reveals he has gone under numerous aliases over the last 20 years. What a loser.

Changing Naratives

Oh no, you drove away Brittany’s father, thinking you found some replacement, only to find your dishonest judgement bites you in the ass. So what do you do? Possibly admit you were wrong to turn your head while I was threatened and harassed? No, you just want to sweep everything under the carpet or blame it on some BS reason. IE: My mom actually said I left because I was “Too much into my church“. That really translates into “David was going to the wrong church so I sided with Rev. John De Young, Kelly, Chris, and her parents to persuade Brittany into rejecting her Father”

That rejection was the final straw, on top of many years of harassment, that broke me, and caused me to give up my fight.

I’ll probably be told this is passive aggressive to make this post. But how else do you deal with a bunch of gaslighters?

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