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Many business owners want to know if people are finding their business on the internet.  To answer that question we first need to know what types of phrases consumers are entering when looking for the products and/or service offered by that business.  Knowing the relevant keywords that people in the area are using we can then run a test to see where the business shows up for each of those unique searches.  The resulting report is known as a ranking report.  A ranking report will show you the reality of what searches you show up for.

For example, using the Google Keyword planner I found that the search phrase “state farm denton tx” is used on average 100-1k times per month in the Denton Tx area. In the ranking report it shows that Kerry Goree – State Farm Insurance Agent shows at number 3 when searched from a computer. Here what you will see when making that search while in Denton Tx.  The graphical display is what is known as the Google Snack Pack.

Now that is better than showing up at #4 or higher because then he would be under the “More Places” section where 8% of internet searches will click.  There are two other issues that make this something to not get too excited about.  First, the search is for a State Farm agent, who do you think they will choose?  The one with and “A”, “B” or “C” by their name?  Second, the search phrase “state farm denton tx” doesn’t show a lot of commercial value when looking at the suggested bid value. The higher the suggested bid value is, the more valuable the user is that is using that search. Pay per click advertisers are constantly testing and tracking keywords that they bid on and they know which ones convert to sales and which are just “tire kickers”.  The bidding price for “state farm denton tx” is $3.74 a click.  The bidding price for users in Denton, Tx searching for “auto insurance” is $55!

Here is the list of searches that users in the Denton, Tx area are entering into the search engines when they need to find, more like buy, insurance.  They are not going to Facebook to wait on an Ad to show up nor are they going to go to the Grocery store to see whose face is on the grocery carts. They are going to grab a smart phone and enter or speak one of the search phrases below.

[google-drive-embed url=”” title=”Kerry Goree State Farm Insurance” icon=”” width=”100%” height=”250″ style=”embed”]

(click here to open keyword list in new window)

Notice all the search phrases marked in red? Those are searches that Kerry Goree Insurance Agency has no visibility for.  According to the Google Keyword planner that is an average of 420 to 4,200 searches a month by people in Denton, Tx that are not finding Kerry Goree in the results.  And I am only using the 16 top searches in that calculation!!! Look at all the others marked in red!

On the other hand, you may already have your phone ringing off the hook from other sources so that you don’t need to be bothered by having an extra 420 to 4200 people a month calling you to buy insurance. I spoke to an auto repair business the other day that has that problem, more business than they can handle. However, if you are not having the problem of too much business I would highly recommend looking in how to become more visible for those searches marked in red.

Ranking Report

[google-drive-embed url=”” title=”rank-checker-kerry-goree—state-farm-insurance-agent-2017-jun-18.pdf” icon=”” width=”100%” height=”400″ style=”embed”]

If you would like to learn more about how to be visible in those searches marked in red you can contact me through this page for a free consultation or come by the free Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Meetups here in Denton.

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