Learning To Be A Leader

This morning I stumbled across a post from Inspiring Leaders and started thinking about what kind of search terms that group should be targetting.  I started by throwing “Inspiring Leaders” into MOZ and came up with this spreadsheet.  After looking through the results I started thinking the ideal market would type something along the lines of “Become A Leader“.While looking through the results three of the long-tail keywords three jumped out at me

become a leader55110048
how to become a leader55110052
being a good leader55110057

The 2nd column is the relevancy, 3rd is min search volume, 4th is max and 5th is the difficulty.

The difficulty is obtained form the Keyword Explorer in Moz.  Keyword Difficulty is a calculation done by the SEOMoz research tool that takes into account a number of things including: competition (how many pages are currently ranking for that particular term), how many people are bidding on the term in paid search, how expensive are the clicks and how many people are actually searching for the term online.  In SEOMoz, the higher the percentage for Keyword Difficulty, the harder it could be to rank well for that term. The lower the percentage, the easier it might be to rank for that term.

If you do not have a domain with strong domain authority then I would look for long-tail keywords that are in the 30’s.  I based that on the strength of the sites ranking for that keyword in the search results.  When the keyword difficulty drops to 35 or less I have noticed that websites with a domain authority under 45 are able to make it to page 1 of google.

“Learning to be a leader” has a difficulty of 42 and I chose to target that one simply as at test to see how I rank on it over the next few weeks.

For now I will leave you with a video on Learning To Be A Leader

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