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Many business owners want to know if people are finding their business on the internet.  To answer that question we first need to know what types of phrases consumers are entering when looking for that particular businesses products and services.  Knowing the relevant keywords that people in the area are using we can then run a test to see where the business shows up for each of those unique searches.  The resulting report is known as a ranking report.

For example, using the Google Keyword planner I found that they search phrase “music producer” is used on average 10-100 times per month in the Denton County area.  I also see that it has a suggested bid value of 23.92 a click.  This bid value is the amount of money advertisers are paying when bidding for sponsored ad positions.  It is a strong indication that there is buying intent behind the keyword otherwise they would stop bidding on it and there would be no suggested value.

Ok, so what happens when a user in Denton County searches for “music producer“?.  They get a result screen like this.

We see The Panhandle House was ranked at position 2 on the new Google Maps Search.

Lets look at a couple more examples before jumping into the list of relevant keywords for recording studions in Denton Tx.

Lets look at “rehearsal studios“.  This search is used within the Denton County area on average 10-100 times per month.

In this case, the search “rehearsal studios” triggers what is known as the Google Snack Pack which displays the three top results in a map.  Other businesses can be found when the user clicks on More Places.  Since only 8% of users click More Places it is desirable to land a top 3 position on these searches.  The Panhandle House landed #1!

Here is the list of all the keywords used for the ranking report.  The columns hold the keyword, average monthly search, bid value and position on page.  If there is nothing recorded in the rank column then that means The Panhandle House Recording Studio is buried for those searches, no where to be found in the top 50.

[google-drive-embed url=”” title=”Recording Studios – Pan Handle” icon=”” width=”100%” height=”250″ style=”embed”]

(if you are having trouble viewing click here to open in new window)

I counted 19 searches with a monthly volume of 10-100 that The Panhandle House is in the top 3. That is 190 to 1,900 searches a month in the Denton County area in which they have the best visibility!

I counted 15 searches with a monthly volume of 10-100 that The Panhandle House is not visible for. That’s 150 to 1,500 searches a month in the Denton Count area that The Panhandle House is missing out on.

Then there are 7 where The Panhandle House is between 3 and 10.  In most cases that puts them under the “More Places” which tests show only 8% of users click on.  That is 70 – 700 searches a month were The Panhandle House has poor visibility.

Ranking Report

[google-drive-embed url=”” title=”rank-checker-the-panhandle-house-recording-studios-2017-jun-18.pdf” icon=”” width=”100%” height=”400″ style=”embed”]

In summary, the evidence is that The Panhandle House could more than double its visibility by improving its ranking on 22 search phrases that were tested.  That could easily be translated in doubling the business volume.

Developing a strategy on how to improve rank on those 22 areas involves digging deeper and studying the ranking factors of the competition who already ranks in the top 3 on those search terms. With that information I can advise or implement a plan to counter and overtake their position.  That does not happen overnight.  The time it takes can vary depending on how well the competition has solidified their ranking.

I hold a free Internet Marketing and Advertising Q&A Workshop at the North Branch Library on Saturdays and Wed where you can learn more.  Or you can contact me though this site for a free consultation.

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