Why should I care about reviews? Why are they important?

A whopping 90% of consumers say their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews4. And 86% of consumers say negative reviews influence their purchase choices5. Today, driving more business isn’t just about showing up in search results, it’s about how your customers perceive you when you show up. Reviews are critical to helping ready-to-buy customers choose your business by giving them an inside, yet authoritative look into previous customers’ experiences. Think about the last time you were searching for a place to eat. Did you read any reviews before making a reservation? Chances are you, or someone you know has used online reviews to make a location-based decision. They are critical to driving more business and better customer experiences. Let us help!

Why should I care about location reviews?

Our solution is specifically designed to unlock the power of your location reviews. Location reviews are reviews about a specific location (i.e. your business) and the kind of experience the customer had at that location. Unlike brand and product reviews, location reviews normally do not contain commentary on the products you might offer or your ‘brand’ as a whole. Location reviews are the same kind of reviews that show up on Yelp, Google, Facebook, and other sites across the web. These reviews help consumers make smarter, more contextual decisions when choosing which business to visit. Our reviews solution can provide you with a comprehensive suite of tools to help you effectively manage and optimize your location reviews across the web.

Do I really need first-party review generation? My customers already find and rate my business through third-party sites like Yelp, Facebook, and a few others.

While it is not requirement to publish reviews to a first-party website, you lose out on a massive opportunity to distinguish your business in search results by not doing so. By publishing reviews with appropriate SEO-markup to location pages on first-party websites, you can put star ratings, and review content alongside business links in organic search results. Traditionally it was acceptable to simply copy, and paste content from third-party sites, like Yelp and others, to boost SEO. Today, Google guidelines require all review content published and tagged for SEO on first-party sites to originate from first-party sources, meaning, businesses must collect them directly from customers to ensure that content is authentic, and does not exist anywhere else.


Our Review Generation tool makes it easy to fire up your fans in order to collect authentic reviews directly from your customers. Studies indicate that 70% of consumers will leave a review if asked6, meaning that by adopting a proactive review generation strategy, your business is likely to generate a more positive content from what might have been an untapped and silent majority.


The reality is that most customers will not think to leave a review unless they have something very passionate to say…and in most cases these extreme responses result in negative feedback. Without a review generation strategy that showcases your customers’ real opinions, you are passively enabling your detractors take front stage, skewing your ratings towards the negative and ultimately costing you business.


Our tool allows you to seamlessly sync your existing customer data system, point of sale, mobile app, or any other contact database, and leverage our flexible, customizable email templates to request reviews. Once a review is collected, our SEOfriendly publishing tools will make it easy for you to showcase them directly on your website. The more direct customer reviews you collect and publish, the more reviews content our technology will be able to transform into star ratings and reviews content that will appear alongside you in search results. In fact, studies show that star ratings can increase click-through rates by 153%7!

I am afraid of some of my negative reviews will surface for everyone to see, but I don’t have the resources to address them.

While customers have historically used reviews as a way to voice their complaints and provide feedback, reviews can also be used as a tool for customer engagement and retention. Someone will always have something negative to say, but our reviews solution is designed to make resolving negative  reviews easier and faster. With our custom notifications capability, you can stay informed on the go by setting up alerts so that you’re notified the moment a review surfaces that meets your custom criteria, like location source, rating, keyword, and more. If you’re generating reviews by asking customers to leave them for you, our solution also enables customers to change their feedback after you’ve responded to their review, giving you the chance to turn what could have been a permanently negative review into a positive one, plus a potentially lost customer into a loyal one.


While our reviews solution can’t stop customers from leaving negative reviews, it can help you fire up your fans! Our comprehensive review management solution can help you address negative reviews and drown them out by making it super easy for your promoters and supporters to leave you great ones. The benefits our reviews solution provides can now mean the difference between being found and chosen by a searching customer, or getting lost amongst the countless competitors vying for their attention.

How does your solution work?

Our solution offers a six-pronged approach for total reviews management. Review monitoring will help you stay informed about the reviews posted on third-party websites, like Google, Facebook, and Yelp, through our direct integrations with them. Easily collect reviews from your customers — your way — through email, receipt links, comment cards, and more. Showcase those customer reviews on your website, or encourage customers to leave reviews on sites that need more attention. Our easy-to-use response tool makes it simple to reply to reviews, flag inappropriate content for removal, or route feedback to different employees. Lastly, you can leverage our insights tool to measure your overall performance and progress, and identify trends (i.e. customer feedback), so that you’re continuously optimizing your operations.

Will your reviews solution help my ranking? I want to be #1 on these sites!

Google recently announced it was placing more importance on ‘prominence’ — defined by a location’s review count and score — and incorporating it into its local ranking algorithm. It stated ‘Review count and score are factored into local search ranking: more reviews and positive ratings will probably improve a business’s local ranking.’8 While we cannot guarantee changes in ranking, our reviews solution provides major SEO-boosting benefits by enabling you to publish customer reviews directly to your website, and by helping you maintain consistent ratings across the web.

Why is your solution better?

While there are many solutions that offer reviews management, our reviews solution offers locationfocused reviews management that is compliant with each individual site’s guidelines and regulations. We support authentic customer review generation and the publishing of these reviews directly to your website, plus the tools to generate reviews on sites across the web. This combination is not available through any other solution. Not to mention, our reviews solution works works seamlessly with our other solutions so that you’ll only need a single platform to manage your entire digital reputation.

Most competitors offer sentiment-based generation, meaning they only collect reviews from happy customers, while routing unhappy customers to customer support. This violates the guidelines of top sites like Google and Yelp, and puts businesses at risk of losing their privileges in search, including star ratings, fair rank evaluation, and a spot in Google’s Knowledge Card.

I only want a few of these sites.

We only offer a complete package of our full network. However, when developing a reviews generation strategy, you can choose on which third-party sites you’d like to direct more customers to, including Google, Yelp, Facebook, and more. Remember, the more reviews you have online, the more likely your search ranking will be higher, robust, and engaging to searching customers.