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Ok, 2020 has been a controversial year. For my own health I saw myself hospitalized for AFIB in February. At that time I hadn’t cycled in three years and was weighing in at 245+

In August 2020 I was determined to start riding again. My plan was to focus on getting time in the saddle keeping my heart rate in the cardio range. For me at age 56 that would be 90-140 bpm. The purpose of this is to build my base back and lose weight.

So far I lost about 20 lbs and am feeling stronger but still have a long ways to go for off road riding.

Today I road Knob Hill Trail and here is how I did.

Back in 2014 I actually averaged 12.8 on my ride and that was on a rigid single speed! Today I averaged 8.3 on a full suspension. On the bright side it was an improvement over my ride on 8/11/20 where I averaged 7.2.

For now I need to remember my goal of getting time in the saddle while keeping the heart rate in the target zone. If I do that I think the rest will take care of itself.

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David Riewe

David Riewe

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