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Listings heads and shoulders above the rest.


Control your brand wherever it appears to consumers across the web. Our Listings leverages patented processes, technology, and integrations to enable you to update once and publish across the industry’s largest network of maps, apps, search engines, social networks, and directories.


Don’t leave the last mile of your customer journey up to chance. Optimize it with Our Listing Service.

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Industry-leading direct integrations.

With Our Listings, we created an entirely new way for businesses to control their location data, from NAP to holiday hours, across the vast ecosystem of third-party sites, maps, and apps that make up our PowerListings® Network. We build direct integrations with our publisher partners to ensure that the data you store in the Knowledge Manager is accurate everywhere, at all times.

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Total control with Match & Lock™.


The minute you go live with Our Listings, our patented Match & Lock™ technology automatically scans, locates, and claims your existing business listings on sites in the PowerListings® Network.


Built to support and preserve hard-earned local SEO, We scan publishers’ databases — rather than scraping their consumer-facing sites — to find the listings you want to control. When we identify a match, we immediately lock that listing so no other data source can alter your information.

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Total confidence with Dual-Sync™.

Once we have matched, claimed, and locked your listings from being updated by any source other than you, our proprietary Dual-Sync™ integrations keep you in control at all times.

Dual-Sync ensures that any update you make in the Knowledge Manager automatically populates to your listings across the web. The two-way API integrations at the heart of our patented Dual-Sync technology keep you updated on the status of your listings at all times, which you can view directly in the dashboard. They also power analytics to help you understand how your public presence across the web drives real business for your brand.

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Update in real-time.

Openings. Closings. Name changes. New products. New agents. Holiday hours. Emergencies. There are a vast number of business circumstances that demand “day & date,” real-time updates in order to keep customers informed. Yext’s real-time update architecture ensures that the changes you make are communicated immediately across the PowerListings® Network and updated as fast as each publisher allows — in many cases, within seconds.

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Updates on your schedule.

Via our direct integrations with the world’s top maps, apps, and search engines in the PowerListings® Network, you can rest assured that the data you store in the Knowledge Manager makes its way to consumers. But often, that data will change.

With our listing management, there’s no need to log in on a holiday to update your store hours. Changes to your location data — from holiday hours to featured promotions to social posts — can be scheduled to post automatically on the dates you desire. Yext does the work for you so you enjoy your holidays while keeping customers informed.

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Patented duplicate suppression.

Since search engines value consistency, duplicate listings can harm your local SEO. After all, if you ask ten different people a question and receive ten different answers, you can’t have real confidence in any of them, right? Our patented Duplicate Suppression process finds and suppresses duplicate listings at the publisher level, so consumers never see incorrect or incomplete data about your brand.

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Consumer suggestions: on your terms.

In an effort to improve data quality, certain sites allow consumers to suggest edits to business listings based on their real-world experiences. Unfortunately, suggestions from consumers aren’t always accurate. And if incorporated into your listings, incorrect data can confuse customers and cost you valuable SEO.

Publisher Suggestions enables you to view suggested edits made by consumers on Google Maps and Yelp, directly from your dashboard, in real-time. Choose whether or not to incorporate these edits across your business listings, so consumers never see changes to your key listings data unless you’ve authorized it.

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Analytics that provide real insights.

With combined publisher-centric and proprietary data, Our Analytics give you a comprehensive view of how consumers interact with your brand everywhere online — and how that impacts your business.

View how often your listings appear in search, how many people click from those search results to learn more, the terms for which your locations appear to consumers, their favorite Instagram hashtags to post from your locations, and much more. Via Yext’s direct integrations with publishers in the PowerListings® Network, you get full control over the URL that your listings drive to, so you can — for the first time — tie your listings back to the conversion metric of your choice.

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See first-hand how our Knowledge Engine can help you better
manage your digital knowledge and attract more customers.

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