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175+ Favorite Tech Tools of Content Marketers

Content tech success is easier if you pick technologies well suited to your program’s needs. You don’t have to start from scratch. Curious about what tools and technologies other content marketers use? We were too, so we asked. Continue reading →

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Trump Ad Misleads on Illegal Immigration

President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign makes the misleading claim in a TV ad that he is "cutting illegal immigration in half." In fact, apprehensions at the U.S.-Mexico border in fiscal year 2019 were more than double the total in fiscal year 2016 and almost triple the total in fiscal year 2017.

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Trump’s Border Wall Is Impenetrable – Unless You Have A Cordless Power Tool

Donald Trump’s biggest campaign slogan was "Build The Wall." His disciples believed that this Wall would protect them from all the brown invaders from coming to their imagined white country and taking their jobs, their women and their innocence. They were sold a bill of sale that promised that The Wall was the answer to their problems and if they supported it, The Wall would make their lives safe and clean and white again.

So The Wall continues to be a promise that Trump makes at rallies, swearing that hundreds of miles are up (not true) and that it is impenetrable and unclimbable (also not true).
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