Windcrest Pet Resort Local Search Visibility Report

Many business owners want to know if people are finding their business on the internet.  To answer that question we first need to know what types of phrases consumers are entering when looking for that particular businesses products and services.  Knowing the relevant keywords that people in the area are using we can then run a test to see where the business shows up for each of those unique searches.  The resulting report is known as a ranking report.

For example, using the Google Keyword planner I found that they search phrase “dog boarding denton tx” is used on average 10-100 times per month in the Denton County area. In the ranking report it shows that Windcrest Pet Resort shows at number 3 when searched from a computer, #4 when searched on a mobile device.

When I click on the search result and view the result I see that Windcrest Pet Resort did in fact show up #3 in what is called the Google Snack Pack.  This is good because businesses that have a rank higher than 3 would end up under the “More Places” section and tests show that only 8% of internet users will go into the “More Places”.

A more popular search that Windcrest Pet Resort makes the Snack Pack on is “dog boarding in denton tx“, Google shows 100 – 1k monthly average search volume. The same 3 businesses came up in the same order.

Here is the list of all the keywords used for the ranking report.  The columns hold the keyword, average monthly search, bid value and position on page.  If there is nothing recorded in the rank column then that means Windcrest Pet Resort is buried for those searches, no where to be found in the top 50.

[google-drive-embed url=”” title=”dog boarding – Windcrest Pet Resort” icon=”” width=”100%” height=”250″ style=”embed”]

Notice that the top 4 search phrases all have 100 – 1k monthly search volume according to Google. Windcrest Pet Resort is only showing in the Snack Pack for one of those, and in position 3. By improving rank on those other three search phrases Windcrest Pet Resort could go being found by 100 – 1k users per month to 400 – 4k.

Ranking Report

[google-drive-embed url=”” title=”rank-checker-windcrest-pet-resort-2017-jun-18.pdf” icon=”” width=”100%” height=”400″ style=”embed”]

In summary the ranking report shows that Windcrest Pet Resort is only visible for 20% of the dog boarding related searches in the Denton County area.  The other 80% of the searches will see competitors of Windcrest Pet Resort in the Snack Pack.

Developing a strategy on how to improve rank on those other high volume keywords involves digging deeper and studying the ranking factors of the competition who already show up in the top 3 on those search terms. In this case the top dogs are Lucky Dog Ranch and Paula’s Canine Academy. I see all the ranking factors that helping them be visible for over 80% of the searches.  Lucky Dog Ranch is probably hitting close to 100%.  If you would like to get a bigger slice of the pie that they are hoggingn I can help.

I hold a free Internet Marketing and Advertising Q&A Workshop at the North Branch Library on Saturdays and Wed where you can learn more.  Or you can contact me though this site for a free consultation.

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